BK Software Inc.

BK Software designs and implements software for different levels of the computer and network systems in a typical small to medium size business.

Your website is your face to the world. Why have just a pretty site when you can have a website that is a  fully integrated part of your business. With our tools you can turn your website into the workhorse of the office. 

For system level code we prototype in languages like Python, but ultimately write the final code using C and /or Java. 

For server-side website development: programming is done in HTML, PHP, Perl and JavaScript.

For server-side website CGI development: we use a number of scripting languages, or shells, like the CMD shell paired with batch files in Windows and Bourne, Bash, C (csh), and Unix shells (sh) for both Linux and Unix operating systems.

For client-side website development: programming is done in HTML and JavaScript.

For automating  many office procedures we use CMD and batch files on Windows and Bash, Bourne, Csh and Sh on Unix and Linux.

Whether we take on any new business is unlikely a this time, but interesting projects might still be considered in the future. Send requests to our adminstrator at admin@bk-software.com. We don’t make any promises we’ll take on a project, but we will consider them and respond to any serious request.

BK Software Inc. has been in business since 1982 and is located in Greater Vancouver BC, Canada.